And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There



MALIGNANT TUMOUR "And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002" 2xCD

A double disc spanning 96 songs from the early days of the cult band from Czech Republic. From an extremely brutal and most violent, sick pathological goregrind inspired by early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, REGURGITATE, SQUASH BOWELS to socially aware mincecore/grind in the vein of AGATHOCLES.

"And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002" includes: two songs from 1992 rehearsal, "Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites" demo 1993, "Symphonies For Pathologist" demo 1994, "Killing For Profit" demo 1997, "Analyse Of Pathological Conceptions" demo 1995, split 7" inches with DECOMPOSED, IMMURED, MASTIC SCUM, INGROWING, AGATHOCLES, UNHOLY GRAVE, 4-way split 7" w/ C.U.M., C.S.S.O., NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE, split CD's with SQUASH BOWELS and ALIENATION MENTAL ("Equality?!?" 7"EP), "Dawn of a New Age", live recordings from 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, unreleased live and studio tracks as well as tons of pictures and info on 12-page booklet.

This is A MUST HAVE for all fans of pathological goregrind and grindcore from Central Europe!


released July 1, 2010



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