At The Beginning God Created Fear



Early discography of this most important Polish grindcore band. 30 minutes of heavy political grindcore in the vein of old NAPALM DEATH, CROSSED OUT and SIEGE.

Originally recorded a few years ago, this CD by Poland's SELF HATE is finally getting the release it deserves thanks to Self Made God Records and MCN Records. SELF HATE play oldschool grindcore reminiscent of the glory days of the genre and bands like E.N.T. and NAPALM DEATH. Their sound is unbridled and raw seemingly always on the edge of spinning out of control. Politically charged lyrics and outspoken denouncement of fascism delivered by dual vocals only adds to the classic feel of SELF HATE. The tidal wave of extreme music out of Poland continues and SELF HATE are riding the crest. - In Music We Trust


released February 1, 2001



Selfmadegod Poland

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