Corpses of the Universe



Poland's gore masters are back with a new MCD! Originally intended to be a split with MORTICIAN (US), they decided to put out the material as a stand alone release. Marking the first time since "Surgical Disembowelment" that the band has used actual lyrics in the songs, "Corpses of the Universe" shows signs of DEAD INFECTION shaking things up with their goregrind platters, while still serving that unmistakable bass-heavy distortion-soaked sound that goregrind fans the world over hunger for.

The track "Peritonitis" is a re-recorded song from the "Start Human Slaughter" demo, and the CD includes a bonus track that is not featured on the Obliteration version (a cover of MORTICIAN's "Bloodcraving") and two video tracks, and the whole rotten thing is housed in a three-panel digipak.


released June 1, 2009