Enslaved In Darkness



The reissue the long out-of-print sole full-length from infamous Oakland-based crust/metal outfit STORMCROW has finally been released. The now defunct act stormed onto the scene in 2005 with the release of their debut and only full length, "Enslaved In Darkness", followed by a series of brutal split releases with SANCTUM, SKAVEN, MASSGRAVE, LAUDANUM and COFFINS over the next four years. This official worldwide reissue reintroduces the album's cruel AMEBIX-style crust infused with metallic riffs; a must-have for BOLT THROWER, AXEGRINDER, DEVIATED INSTINCT, and HELLSHOCK devotees. STORMCROW's ominous tone built of thunderous drums, chunky guitar rhythms, intricate time patterns, and intensely dark vocals have helped the band become a well-respected name within the crust and metal scenes. The release also features artwork done by Rob Middleton (DEVIATED INSTINCT) and was recorded by Greg Wilkinsen of BRAINOIL.

Hails And Horns:
The Bay Area’s own (unfortunately disbanded) STORMCROW see their only full-length re-released on Selfmadegod records for the extreme metal world as whole to enjoy. Taking equal parts crust, thrash and hardcore and combining them in a dirty war metal drinking horn, STORMCROW march diligently across 5 chugga-licious songs. Enslaved In Darkness is a record that is cohesive and honest enough to have come out around the time of the original grindcore and crust explosion. Super thick, tough production pummels your head through the entire release, letting up only for some clean tone action on the brilliant and victorious ‘Baleful Conception’. Very pissed vocals go to work from the first to the last. Menacing and guttural, a vocal style that is ubiquitous in the crust genre, rarely gets old. STORMCROW may be a part of the past, but Selfmadegod Records have given you a chance to experience their crushing brilliance.


released January 1, 2012